PVJ Electrotonic Coupling

Module: devtests.bidomain.pvj_electrotonic_coupling.run

Section author: Anton Prassl <anton.prassl@medunigraz.at>

Test electrotonic coupling of PVJs in a slab with attached purkinje network.

Problem Setup

This example defines a minimalistic purkinje network attached on top of a thin cuboid on the domain (units in microns):

0.0  \leq x \leq 50000

0.0 \leq y \leq 30000

0.0 \leq z \leq 10000

Run a R-E- simulation in a His stimulated portion of tissue. Restart the same simulation and deactivate the purkinje system. Recover phi_e signals at the bath box corners similar to the setting of a clinical ecg recording. Investigate the influence of the purkinje system on the ecg recordings.


As with other examples, add the --visualize option to automatically load the results in meshalyzer:

./run.py --visualize