As we are contributing to the community modeling project openCARP, the support for a binary version of CARPentry will be phased out. For those who are interested in using CARPentry for modeling cardiac EP in future projects, we recommend switching to openCARP which is available in source code, but packaged binary and container version are also provided. openCARP and CARPentry are compatible and can be used interchangeably; there is no need for adjusting any workflows to facilitate a smooth transition. Some most advance simulator features are currently not provided by openCARP, such as an integrated eikonal solver, reaction-eikonal modeling, lead-field based ECG modeling or Purkinje models. If these features are of interest to you, contact Prof. Gernot Plank @MedUniGraz, Dr. Edward Vigmond @LIRYC or Dr. Aurel Neic @NumeriCor to inquire academic and commercial licensing options.

The CARPentry Modeling Enviroment (CME) provides a set of tools for modeling electrophysiological, mechanical and fluidic aspects of cardiac function. CME comprises a set of tools for specific applications within a packaged binary.


Research Groups using CME

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