Carputils - The Python Framework

Installation of the CARP examples requires retrieving several git repositories, editing an environment variable and editing a settings file.

Git Sources

First, you will need to download the sources hosted at

Manual Installation

First, clone this repository to your system, in a location of your choice:

cd ~/software
git clone

Create a directory for examples, and clone the example repo(s) there:

mkdir ~/software/carp-examples
cd ~/software/carp-examples
git clone
git clone
git clone

Add both the carputils repo and the directory you made for examples to your PYTHONPATH in .bashrc:

export PYTHONPATH="$PYTHONPATH:$HOME/software/carputils:$HOME/software/carp-examples"

Finally, use the cusettings executable in carputils/bin to generate a carputils settings file. This can be placed in one of:

  • A location specified by the CARPUTILS_SETTINGS environment variable
  • ./settings.yaml (i.e. in the current working directory)
  • ~/.config/carputils/settings.yaml
  • In the root of the carputils git repository, called settings.yaml

The order above is also the order in which the settings are searched for, so setting a settings file path with the environment variable will override all the others, for example. The third option, under ~/.config, is recommended in most cases. To generate the settings file there run:

cusettings ~/.config/carputils/settings.yaml

You will finally need to modify this file so that the paths match your system installation. Note that in yaml indentation has meaning, so take care when editing!

It would not be entirely unexpected if you run into version issues with python. If this is the case, you’ll find the auto-pip shell script in shellfun/updating. Run this script once to upgrade all relevant packages to a sufficiently recent revision. It is recommended to add or upgrade Python packages in your local userspace by calling the script



In some cases, the previous approach to directly update Python’s system packages has produced system inconsistencies and is not recommended anymore.